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eastern bore

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Wilco tomorrow night in Mobtown [02 Mar 2008|02:33pm]

Are you going?

(xposted to Mobile, Fairhope, and wherever else is applicable)
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the Ghosts Project this Friday @ the Blind Mule, downtown Mobile, AL [21 Feb 2008|11:55am]

This weekend is The Ghosts Project, violin, drums, and bass from Atlanta. These three extraordinary musicians with such training and mastery over their instruments is rarely seen at a live local show. The sound ranges from Downtempo/Dub which incorporates loops and echo effects to excited modes from Africa and the Middle East. This group exudes a sensual energy with all the power of an orchestra and the energy between them and the crowd draws you in (instead of pushing away, as the volume and abrasiveness of so many bands does...)

If you have been waiting for the live music experience, the change-your-life religious experience that you know is possible, yet never seems to materialize, this is your show.

Paul Mercer has an international fanbase as a solo violinist and with one of his many projects, the Changelings; He has just completed a string of sold-out theater dates on the West Coast. This show will draw fans from New Orleans and Florida and other cities within driving distance of Mobile. If you're tired of the same crowd, this your chance to find those new faces from not-quite-so-far-away.

We are all in this scene together; this is a team effort on behalf of we who are trying to bring in eclectic acts and the audience that will participate in these "thinking-outside-the-box" events. I know we all want a constant stream of well-organized shows and unexpectadly-great performers, and things are going very well. We are lucky that things are on such an upturn in this town...

So it is with complete respect for the entire scene that I say this-- The Ghosts Project will be unlike any other show you will see here. There will be the drinking crowd and the party will be in effect, but if you are a fan of music, this is a higher form of art. This is a band that you watch and think "why are they playing here, shouldn't they be..."

The Ghosts Project
(with One Cut Kill)
at the Blind Mule
FRIDAY, Feb 22



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You Are Invited - Save the Dolphins Party!!! [16 Mar 2007|05:08pm]


When - March 20th at 6:30PM
Where - Fairhope, AL - Tamara's Bar and Grill (Big Lots Shopping Center HWY 98)


I'm having a fun party and I want you there.  It's a Vantel Pearl Party! We will open REALY OYSTERS from the South Pacific and find genuine pearls! You get to choose an oyster and discover your very own beautiful Pearl!!! Pearls range in color from white, pink, cream, gold, blue, silver and even the rare black! Every oyster 100% Guaranteed to have a pearl of value $20 to $120!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Come just to share the fun and see what these pearl parties are all about! Proceeds from this party will be donated to the Alabama Dolphin Research and Rescue Group who are saving dolphins locally. Children are welcome to come share the fun.

We will have a great selection of stunning pearl jewelry on display. There'll be rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets, tie tacks, and more. Styles are available in 14KT Gold, Sterling Silver and Vermeil. So join us as we go DIVING FOR PEARLS!

Don't you deserve a fun time out? Be sure to bring a friend!
*Deposit Required: Cash*Check*Credit

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Show, anyone? [30 Aug 2006|05:21pm]


Y'all should go to this if ya can.
I wish I could.

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[07 Jul 2006|03:47pm]

Coming up this Monday night at 10:30 PM on Comcast Channel 6 (in the Mobile, AL usa area)

"AMPED" this week featuring:

The Colonel Dixies ( http://www.myspace.com/thecoloneldixies )
Skylight Honey (http://www.myspace.com/skylighthoney )

so, to recap:

THIS Saturday night @ 10:30 = a rerun of last week's show with the band 60 Cycles Of Sound

Monday night @ 10:30 = Colonel Dixies and Skylight Honey

NEXT Saturday night @ 10:30 = a rerun of the Colonel Dixies and Skylight Honey
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Mobile, AL downtown Picklefish Show Tonight CANCELLED [13 Feb 2006|03:29pm]

Picklefish Show CANCELLED Mobile, Alabama
Monday Feb 13 downtown Picklefish
E-Mail adamdaedalus@yahoo.com or
"adamdaedalus" on A.I.M.
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[06 Feb 2006|02:05am]

Image hosting by Photobucket



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[26 Nov 2005|01:16pm]

saturday november 26th
7 o clock
@ da bootyman's lair (7551 Tara Dr. N, Mobile, AL)
$5 (Five Dollars)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Hawnay Troof (vice from xbxrx, one man hiphop, southern records)
BARR (hiphop motivational speaker, kill rock stars)
Roman Gabriel Todd's Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea (jazz punk blasphemy)
The Difference Engine (boom swagger boom)
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[20 Nov 2005|11:57am]

saturday november 26th
7 o clock
@ da bootyman's lair (7551 Tara Dr. N, Mobile, AL)
$5 (Five Dollars)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Hawnay Troof (vice from xbxrx, one man hiphop, southern records)
BARR (hiphop motivational speaker, kill rock stars)
Roman Gabriel Todd's Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea (jazz punk blasphemy)
The Difference Engine (boom swagger boom)
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[11 Nov 2005|07:28am]

xbxrx, the get hustle and the difference engine
sluggo's (2403 W Cervantes)
pensacola, fl
five bucks!

come watch some spaz 'n' roll, and eat made awesome veggie food. plus, i hear its rymodee and terry's bday bash, along with worldwide anarchy day. so bring some random percussion instruments/brass/woodwinds, and join the band. a hard rain's a gonna fall.
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SAVE-THE-DOX-PEP-RALLY-SHOW!!!!! [19 Jul 2005|07:52pm]


COLQUITT!!! (deathrockboy/ will brett)
THE DICTIONARIES!!! (jonathan mosman)

copy and paste this in your livejournal and tell all of your friends and bring them and rebirth the daphne acoustic scene and spread awareness of the dox board meeting tomorrow. we can make our own fun, bring instruments if you got em.
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Kick ass indie band alert [20 Jun 2005|07:29pm]

The Alexander, one of my all time fav indie bands, is playing at the Cell Block in Mobile on next Thursday (June 30) night. My man Dees, the drummer, promises it to be awesome. BE THERE!!!
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[16 Jun 2005|12:40am]

the difference engine wants to play your house. call me (sean) at 251 621 6890, email me at geeareohdoubleyou@gmail.com, or myspace msg us, or AIM me at Moonga. the difference engine was born from youth and to youth we will stay true. in the spirit of passionate rebellion and torrid love affairs, we want to invade your most private dwelling place and bring our heartfilled desire to your homes and hearths.

get in touch, kids.
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[27 May 2005|11:21pm]

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[22 May 2005|03:04pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

come one come ALL!
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[11 Feb 2005|11:21pm]

Hey everybody, what's goin' on?
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[11 Feb 2005|11:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

(x- posted in other alabama communities)

Check it out... They start Winter 2005!

Greater Security and Benefits
In the Winter of 2005, Alabama will begin issuing newly designed driver licenses and identification cards. Technological advances make these the most secure cards Alabama has ever issued. This technology includes a 2-D barcode, magnetic stripe, digitized portrait image, signature and various security features. Alabama’s new card design includes the state capital and state seal.

Features of New License
The portrait and signature are both digital and stored in a permanent database for easy retrieval
in order to verify identification.
The “Under 18/21” driver licenses and identification cards are now issued in a new vertical format that is immediately recognizable. Under 18/21 cards display the words “UNDER 18 UNTIL” and/or “UNDER 21 UNTIL” followed by the date the cardholder will turn 18 or 21 in bold red text. This text is positioned vertically next to the portrait.

Sucks if your under age. What are your opinions on the license?

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[04 Dec 2004|09:17pm]

alright this may sound a little odd, but i thought a couple of these baldwin county comms would be a good place to post this, even though i honestly don't expect much of a result. but if you're in all the baldwin county stuff, i'm sorry-i'm cross posting this like mad.

anyway. i graduated from Christ the King in Daphne in 1998, and some friends and i were talking about having a reunion, but we thought it'd be way too hard to plan with everyone being away at college and whatnot. but if you went to cks, graduated in 98 (or know anyone who did), and would be interested in having a reunion (because, honestly, if no one wants to do it, what's the damn point?) leave me a comment here.

oh, how i can't wait to get 0 replies...
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Hey it is something to do.. [03 Nov 2004|04:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Recent Paintings

Opening Reception
Friday, November 5, 2004
6pm - 9pm

Exhibition Runs
Nov. 5 - Dec. 2, 2004

Summit Gallery
122 Fairhope Ave.
Fairhope, AL 36532

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[27 Oct 2004|09:40am]

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