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You Are Invited - Save the Dolphins Party!!!

When - March 20th at 6:30PM
Where - Fairhope, AL - Tamara's Bar and Grill (Big Lots Shopping Center HWY 98)


I'm having a fun party and I want you there.  It's a Vantel Pearl Party! We will open REALY OYSTERS from the South Pacific and find genuine pearls! You get to choose an oyster and discover your very own beautiful Pearl!!! Pearls range in color from white, pink, cream, gold, blue, silver and even the rare black! Every oyster 100% Guaranteed to have a pearl of value $20 to $120!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Come just to share the fun and see what these pearl parties are all about! Proceeds from this party will be donated to the Alabama Dolphin Research and Rescue Group who are saving dolphins locally. Children are welcome to come share the fun.

We will have a great selection of stunning pearl jewelry on display. There'll be rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets, tie tacks, and more. Styles are available in 14KT Gold, Sterling Silver and Vermeil. So join us as we go DIVING FOR PEARLS!

Don't you deserve a fun time out? Be sure to bring a friend!
*Deposit Required: Cash*Check*Credit

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