the great sage and eminent junkie (kelleythestar) wrote in eastern_bore,
the great sage and eminent junkie

alright this may sound a little odd, but i thought a couple of these baldwin county comms would be a good place to post this, even though i honestly don't expect much of a result. but if you're in all the baldwin county stuff, i'm sorry-i'm cross posting this like mad.

anyway. i graduated from Christ the King in Daphne in 1998, and some friends and i were talking about having a reunion, but we thought it'd be way too hard to plan with everyone being away at college and whatnot. but if you went to cks, graduated in 98 (or know anyone who did), and would be interested in having a reunion (because, honestly, if no one wants to do it, what's the damn point?) leave me a comment here.

oh, how i can't wait to get 0 replies...
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